Our Members

Lower St. Croix Valley Fire Department is comprised of one full-time chief and approximately 30 paid on-call members including two deputy chiefs.

Our members have families and hold regular full-time jobs in addition to generously giving their time to serve on our department. The average member gives 500 hours of their time each year toward training, responding to calls, and other departmental duties.

Chief and Deputy Chiefs

Chief James Stanley

Chief James Stanley

Deputy Chief Rob Corey

Deputy Chief Rob Corey

Deputy Chief Kevin Kirby

Deputy Chief Kevin Kirby

  • Jim Stanley
  • Rob Corey
    Deputy Chief
  • Kevin Kirby
    Deputy Chief


  • Dave Schneider
  • Steve Fogarty
  • Chip Hannigan
  • Mike Cruz
    Captain/Dive Team Lead


  • JP Armstrong

    David Barcus

    Michael Campbell

    Brenda Eisinger

    Tyler Flynn

    Kevin Johnson

    John Jurek

    Sherry Kirby

    Megan Kleinschmidt

    Matthew Lebeis

    Kevin Malecek

    Darren Muenchow

    Bridget O'Brien

    Doug Parker

    Ralph Piscitello

    Judy Seeberger

    Brian Talcott

    Shane Wagner

    Kevin Wall

    Simon Wirth